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Learn from the travel pros

Many people have turned traveling into a career--and they didn't have to be millionaires to do it. They know the ins-and-outs of budget travel, and you can find their top advice in this guide, including:

  • Where to splurge, and where to save
  • How to shop for deals
  • How to stay safe AND smart abroad

Discover budget-friendly destinations

Some travel destinations will be kinder to your wallet than others. Find the best budget vacation spots in the guide, as well as inexpensive activities for each to add to your itinerary. Learn about destinations in:

  • Southeast Asia
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa

Create your travel checklist

Find out everything you'll need for a successful international trip, and create your travel prep checklist:

  • What apps should you download to help with communication? 
  • What types of documentation are required, and how do you keep them safe?
The Complete Resource for the budget traveler!