the ultimate guide to international travel
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Learn from the travel pros

Many people have turned traveling into a career--and not by mistake. They know the ins-and-outs of international travel, and you can find their top advice in this guide, including:

  • How to plan your trip, DIY style
  • The best ways to stick to a budget
  • How to stay safe AND smart abroad

Discover how to sleep abroad in style

Are you a conventional hotel or resort traveler? What if you could stay in a castle in Ireland instead? Get the guide to learn more about your lodging options, from hotels and renting private homes to crashing on a local's couch.

Create your travel checklist

Find out everything you'll need for a successful international trip, and create your packing checklist (and we're not talking clothes and shoes):

  • Do you need international credit cards, cash, or both?
  • What types of documentation are required, and how do you keep them safe?
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